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Read Our Tips for Recycling around Calgary

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Is Your Container Refundable?


Follow this link — BCMB Product Database — to find out!

For tips on how to handle recycling in Calgary with Saddleridge Bottle Depot, take a look at this page or contact us directly! We want to help you feel confident about your ability to help the earth one recycling session at a time.

If you would like faster service, we ask that you pre-sort and pre-count your materials before visiting us. Then, bag and label all counted and sorted containers by the dozens.

For more information about BCMB-registered containers, please
read our page on return rates.


Please separate all BCMB-registered, ready-to-serve beverage containers by the following sorts:

  • Aluminum cans 1 litre and less
  • PET 1 litre and less (clear & blue tinted)
  • PET over 1 litre (clear & blue tinted)
  • Glass 1 litre and less (excludes refillable domestic beer bottles, Miller, Sleeman, Steam Whistle, & Moosehead)
  • Glass over 1 litre
  • Tetra 1 litre and less
  • Tetra over 1 litre
  • HDPE over 1 litre (natural)
  • Other plastics 1 litre and less
  • Other plastics over 1 litre
  • Gable tops 1 litre and less
  • Gable tops over 1 litre
  • Bi-metals 1 litre and less
  • Bi-metals over 1 litre
  • Foil drink pouches 1 litre and less
  • Bag in box over 1 litre
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