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Discover How You Can Contribute to Our Charity Work

Ronald McDonald House Charities
Alberta Cans for Kids

Saddleridge Bottle Depot wants to make sure both our local environment and community stay thriving, so we do our best to support both. As a result, we offer more than just high-quality recycling services. We also offer a donation program that contributes to our surrounding community.

Interested in helping contribute to our donation program? Read on to learn moreabout it and what you can do!

At Saddleridge Bottle Depot, we operate the donation program
Alberta Cans for Kids, which sends proceeds to the Ronald McDonald House Charities. In the past, we have had people raise over $5,000 for Alberta Cans for Kids. And we’d like to continue raising more.


We have two clothing bins, one supporting Diabetes Canada and one supporting MOMS Canada.

If you’d like to help sick children stay close to their families while being treated at a hospital, get in touch with us! We’ll let you know the best way for you to help contribute to our donation program.

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