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Save Volunteer Hours by Setting up a Bottle Drive Account

To better serve our community’s fundraising efforts, Saddleridge Bottle Depot now offers bottle drive accounts. If your organization has scheduled and confirmed a bottle drive with us, why not consider setting up an account? This will allow people to donate to your bottle drive directly at the depot whenever it is convenient for them. All your supporters will need to do is:

  • Bring their bottles and cans to the Saddleridge Bottle Depot

  • Inform our staff BEFORE the count begins that their returns are to be applied to your account

  • Take a picture or ask for a copy of the receipt

  • Let your organization know that they have contributed to your fundraising efforts.

Set up a Bottle Drive Account

Once you have booked a Bottle Drive, please fill out the following form to set up an account.

Group Name:

Person in Charge:

Their Cell #:

Their Email Address:

Start Date for Account:

End Date for Account:

Reason for raising funds:

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